Experience magic in a different way

Close-up magic for each occasion.


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Here you can check out who am I and what I do. Magic is my passion but it’s not the only one.


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Close-up magician

I specialize in using small props to create big miracles for all to remember and share

The goal is to question the impossible and for a brief moment, to see it become reality!


What I offer

If you want to see mind-blowing magic performed up close, without any smoke and mirrors or special effects and stage curtains to hide behind, then hire a Close-up Magician. This is real magic that has to be seen to be believed!


Magic is an amazing way to bring people together and tear down thoes barriers that keep us apart.


Amazing reactions-guaranteed! People will not just see some tricks, they will have an experience to be remembered.


Create fantastic reactions for your photographer to capture and have passive attendees become active guests, improving the atmosphere!


What better than a magic show. Of course there are hundreds of ways to bring joy to party, but magic in it’s essence is different than anything else and is sure to bring joy to all.

What is for me

The Secret of Magic

The first time I managed to amaze a person with a deck of cards and show them an illusion which questions their beliefs, I was hooked. I found my passion and started following it.

It takes devotion to the art and a strong passion to be a magician. I try my best always to get better at this profound art that I love so much. To bring a smile on to people’s faces and for a brief moment, to be able to show them that nothing is impossible, that is my goal.

In it’s true form magic can touch ones heart and leave a possitive mark and when that is acheived, I can go to bed knowing I’ve done my job.

The secret is, everyone can do magic in one way or another. I try to create magic trough illusions and leave the real magic to be in the heart of my spectators. Join me on my journey and let’s create magic together.

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